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The "Hampton Flower Vase" by Elegant Collections is a versatile and elegant vase available in three different sizes. It is offered in the classic and sophisticated color combination of white and gold. Here are the details of the Hampton Flower Vase in each size option:

Color: White, Gold

Product Dimensions:

  • Small: 14cm x 26cm
  • Medium:14cm x 32cm
  • Large: 14cm x 40cm

The small Hampton Flower Vase measures 14cm in width and 26cm in height. It features a beautiful combination of white and gold, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to any space. It is perfect for displaying smaller floral arrangements or as a standalone decorative piece.

The medium-sized Hampton Flower Vase measures 14cm in width and 32cm in height. It also showcases the timeless color combination of white and gold. This size is ideal for showcasing medium-sized bouquets or greenery and adds a touch of sophistication to your decor.

The large Hampton Flower Vase is the tallest option, measuring 14cm in width and 40cm in height. It maintains the stylish white and gold color combination. This size is perfect for creating dramatic floral displays or making a bold statement in larger spaces.

The Hampton Flower Vase in white and gold offers a classic and elegant option for enhancing your interior decor. Whether you choose the small, medium, or large size, it will add a touch of charm, sophistication, and beauty to your space.


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